Paris 2024 – Julie Paturau: Reaching new heights

Julie Paturau, at just 23 years old, is poised to make a significant impact as she represents Mauritius in the upcoming Paris Olympics. Her journey to […]

Paris 2024: Marie Perrier, from Mauritius tracks to the global stage

In the world of athletics, stories of perseverance, dedication, and triumph often resonate deeply, inspiring countless individuals to chase their dreams against all odds. Among these […]

Mauritius National Olympic Committee signs UN Sports for Climate Action Framework and makes net zero commitment.

Earlier this month, the Mauritius National Olympic Committee became a signatory of the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, in the process committing to halving our […]

ANOCA ZONE 7 Games in Seychelles

ANOCA Zone 7 is pleased to announce the first edition of the ANOCA Games is scheduled to take place in Seychelles from May 6th to May […]

Jean de Falbaire: Riding the waves of dreams to the Paris Olympics.

In the heart of every athlete lies a dream – a dream of reaching the pinnacle of their sport, of standing on the world stage, of […]

Paris 2024: The Olympic and Paralympic Medals have been revealed.

On Thursday, February 8th, Paris 2024 unveiled the medals for the upcoming Olympic and Paralympic Games. These medals encapsulate the creativity of Paris 2024 through an […]

Mauritius Olympic Committee President Distributes Notebooks to APEIM NGO Children

Date: January 17, 2024 In a heartwarming initiative to support education and empower the future generation, the President of the Mauritius Olympic Committee, Mr. Philippe Hao […]

MOC – Tavishee Veerasamy and Nivriti Kokil win the Olympic Debate Competition.

The Olympic Debate Competition, organized by the Mauritius Olympic Committee in collaboration with the Olympic Solidarity and the National Olympic Academy has concluded on Sunday 19, […]

MOC – 18 finalists to contest for Olympic Debate Competition

The final teams for the Olympic Debate Competition have been unveiled. Following the preliminary phase of the competition, which consisted of two rounds and gathered a […]
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