A word from the Chairman

The more sports disciplines we have recognised by the IOC in Mauritius, the better for the country. About 15 years ago, only 18 local sports federations were recognised by the IOC. Now we are at 28, after the inclusion of the Mauritius Climbing Federation at the end of 2020. We are proud of our achievements, but we need more to continue to shine at the biggest international sporting event, the Olympic Games. I therefore invite all non-recognised sports to join and newly created federations to contact us. We will guide them step by step towards their affiliation to the IOC. Who knows, maybe the next Mauritian Olympic medalist will be in their ranks?

What we stand for / Our Raison D’Etre

  • Promote sport and sportsmanship in Mauritius.
  • To ensure that local federations respect the Olympic Charter.
  • To help non-affiliated federations to be recognised by the IOC.
  • To offer to potential Mauritian Olympians the maximum facilities to help them qualify for the Olympic Games (see Olympic scholarships link).
  • Promote the Olympic values through various initiatives (support to NGOs, distribution of sports and other equipment, social and environmental actions, etc.).
  • Helping young people to develop through sport.

Our History

The Mauritius Olympic Committee (MOC) was founded in 1971 on the initiative of Ram Ruhee, a former teacher, founder of the Cadets Club football team and member of FIFA. He was the General Secretary of MOC until his death in 2008.

Jean Roland Delaître, a former footballer and member of a legendary team, the Fire Brigade, actively participated in the creation of the committee. He was its first president, serving from 1971 to 1985. Under his leadership, the MOC was recognised by the IOC in 1972, and Mauritius participated in its first Olympic Games in 1984, in Los Angeles (only athletics was represented). Since then, the country has sent athletes to every edition of the Olympic Games.

The only Olympic medal obtained by Mauritius was won by boxer Bruno Julie at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Our Mission

The Mauritius Olympic Committee is the official representative of the IOC in Mauritius. Its mission is to promote the Olympic values and to ensure that the local sports federations recognised by the IOC follow the rules of the Olympic Charter. In order to be recognised by the IOC, federations must first be endorsed by the official international bodies of their sports disciplines (for example, FIFA for football).

The MOC represents the recognised local sports federations to the IOC. To date, Mauritius has 29 Mauritian sports that are eligible to send athletes to the Olympic Games, provided that they manage to qualify (see below the list of sports recognised by the IOC in Mauritius).

In order to respect the Olympic Charter, the federations must organise tournaments regularly, have a certain number of members, elect representatives every four years and authorise the COM to have a say in their internal management. The MOC facilitates the work of the federations by helping them to be recognised by the IOC, while respecting the laws governing sport in Mauritius.

More Information

List of federations

  • Mauritian Archery Federation (tir à l'arc).
  • Mauritius Athletics Federation (athlétisme).
  • Mauritius Badminton Association (badminton).
  • Mauritius Basketball Federation (basketball).
  • Canoë Kayak Federation (kayak).
  • Fédération Mauricienne de Cyclisme (cyclisme).
  • Mauritius Equestrian Sports Federation (équitation).
  • Mauritius Fencing Association (escrime).
  • Mauritius Football Association (football).
  • Mauritius Golf Federation (golf).
  • Mauritius Handball Federation (handball).
  • Hockey Federation (hockey).
  • Mauritius Judo Federation (judo).
  • All Karate Mauritius Federation (karaté).
  • The Rowing Federation (rame).
  • Rugby Union Mauritius (rugby).
  • Mauritius Swimming Federation (natation).
  • Mauritius Table Tennis Association (tennis de table).
  • Association Mauricienne de Triathlon (triathlon).
  • Mauritius Volleyball Association (volleyball).
  • Mauritius Amateur Weightlifters and Powerlifters Association (haltérophilie).
  • Mauritius National Wrestling and Allied Games Association (lutte).
  • Mauritius Yachting Association (voile).
  • Mauritius Pentathlon Federation (pentathlon).
  • Mauritius Roller & Skateboard Federation (roller en ligne et skateboard).
  • Mauritius Sport Climbing Federation (escalade).

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