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Please find the report and pictures form Mr Valery De Falbaire  workshop “Contribution to building a better world through Sport and the Olympic Values”.



By Saturday 2 April 2016 at 8:30 everything was set up to organize the first ever Young Ambassador+ project at Pointe Jerome Youth Training Center, Mauritius: “Contribution to building a better world through Sport and the Olympic Values”.

Three transport vans were organized to pick up the athletes and bring them by 8:30am to the venue. At 8:30, two vans arrived and we were able to start the registration and gave them their T-shirts, T-shirts were printed with the YOG DNA logo and the seven Olympic Values. The athletes were also asked to sign and write something on the signing banner.


On 23 Sports Federations invited only 15 replied that they will participate and send their athletes. We had 80 athletes. The athletes were from the following sport federations: Judo, Cycling, Athletics, Wrestling, Weight Lifting, Archery, Taekwondo, Boxing, Badminton, Table Tennis, Basketball, Volley ball, Triathlon, Tennis and Handball. The athletes were aged between 16 and 25 including the Team Managers.

At 9:30am we started with the welcome speech and the explanation of the day, we then started the common team building activities, the athletes were asked to regroup in groups of specific themes (ex: By sports, by month of birth, by shoe sizes…) and each time they had to present themselves in the little groups.



During that activity, I had a meeting with the volunteers and explained them their position and their tasks for the orientation race and the team building games. Some volunteers also did not show off but we manage to find some new volunteers on the spot.

After a little speech from one of the members of the Mauritian Olympic Committee, we started the first main activity of the day: the orientation race and the team building games. All went very well and the athletes were very happy with the challenges and games. During the orientation games, they had specific objectives to do for example: fill in a bin bag with dust or bring back a specific seed… and then they had to find the place to get the next clue.


During the activities athletes were able to have water, 300 liters of water were given by “Vital Eau de Source” for the day and around 11am they had a healthy snack (Fruits).

All activities went very well, when the athletes completed both the orientation race and the team building games they received a sticker and a pin from the YOG.

At 12am lunch was served in regards with the Healthy Plate Pie made by the nutritionist and her recommendations.

At 1pm we started the second part of the day: the Educational Activities. We had 6 activities and one video booth:

Astrid Tixier, the psychologist did an excellent activity on how to say no to sexual harassment. For most of the athletes it was the first time that someone talks to them about that subject. She made up a very powerful video and then spoke with the athletes and encourages them to say no to sexual harassment. Her main slogan was “Sportif OUI, Victime NON”. At the end of her activities she received a lot of feedbacks from the athletes and some went to write their names so she could phone them back.


Céline Maurel, the nutritionist did also a great activity, she made the athletes guess the amount of sugar and oil in specific products and they were ask to weight the amount of sugar and oil to discover how much it was! She then explains them the Healthy Plate Pie and the lunch of the day. She encourages them to eat healthy in regard with their culture and she asked the ones that have a garden to plant a banana or papaya tree!

Photo 8 Activity on Nutrition & Healthy Lifestyle

Amaury Boullé, osteopath, made a nice little workshop, he explain them sport by sport what they should focus more regarding stretching and muscular strengthening.

The Mauritius Medical Sport Unit, did a very interactive activity on doping, they explained all the banned products and the consequences of doping, they showed the athletes the doping kits and explained them how a doping control goes through they also gave a lot of advices to the athletes on what to do and not to do when they are about to go through a doping test.


The NGO, Centre de Solidarité for a better life, spoke with the athletes about how to make a change for a better life, what road to follow and how to fall in some wrong paths; he also played a very powerful video and encourages the athletes to be themselves. The activity was mainly on the danger of drugs and alcohol.

The NGO, Lagon Bleu, started to explain the marine environment and the effect of the pollution on our planet, they also explained what is a mangrove and the importance of the mangrove even as a medicinal plant, the athletes were then asked to plant their own mangrove plant!


Athletes had also to pass in the video booth where they were ask to present themselves and to say a little thing about what they learned.


We finished the day with another healthy snack (Fruits) and the athletes were asked to fill in a Feedback form and you will see the report of the feedback form just below!


At the end of the day, the athletes were asked to fill in a Feedback form. On the Feedback Chart we can see that the athletes were very happy with day, 77% thought it was Excellent and 23% thought it was good, the statistics on the organization of the day are also very good, 73% of the participants replied that it was excellent and 27 % that it was good.

The more negative comments are external from the organization team, most of the athletes thought that the Food and Transportation were average and some thought that it was bad.

The lunch was made on the healthy plate Pie, and we wanted to create a healthy Faratha which is a Mauritian local food normally made with white flour and we asked the catering to make it with brown flour and maybe it was a new taste for the athletes. We also had some issues with the Catering, the original one let us down 4days before the event and we had to pick someone else rapidly.

Conclusion of the Feedback: The athletes were very happy with the day and most of them thought it was Excellent, they have all been asking when the next day is, some even commented that next time we should organize it with a sleep-over, they all said that they have learn new things and met new friends. It was a big success for a first time!

The first edition of this day was a real success! Everything went well in the organization and the athletes

were very happy and said that they have “learned new things and meet new friends”.

The only black spot is that not all sport Federations sent their athletes and we had to chase the federations to participate. We gave a deadline on the 15march but by then we had only 10 participating Sport Federations, so we had to extend the deadline and make a forcing on the Federations to send us 5athletes! Beside all the efforts of Kamla, the secretary from the National Olympic Committee we ended with 15 Federations participating and on the day we had a lot of athletes who did not show off. It is a very sad point because we put a lot of efforts to organize a day like that. We should see with the Mauritius National Olympic Committee how to prevent this to happen again.

It was a fabulous experience and I think that the athletes gained a lot! I wish we will be able to organize a day like that every year and impact on more athletes next time!

I believe in sport for a better world, I believe in the Olympic Values and I think it is very important to organize those activities with the Mauritian Athletes. We need to learn, reflect and share what we think a good for the world! I hope the IOC and the MNOC will give me the opportunity to reorganize this event next year!

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